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Our product portfolio

Product overview Inelta

Benefit from our more than 20 years of competence and expertise in the field of sensor technology. Inelta Sensorsysteme develops, manufactures and distributes sensor solutions for force, pressure, displacement and inclination measurement as well as signal conditioning. In addition to our standard portfolio, we develop individual sensor solutions for industry-specific applications for and with our customers.

LVDTs Linear Displacement Measuring Systems

  • LVDT with loose core
  • Transducers
  • Pneumatics - LVDT
  • Hydraulics - LVDT
  • Miniature - LVDT


Load cells and force transducers

  • Load cells
  • Shear beam load cells
  • Load pins
  • Ring force sensors
  • Miniature tension and compression force sensors

Inclinometers and tilt sensors

  • 1-axis and 2-axis inclination measurement

  • High resolution up to 0.01°

  • Robust design, seawater resistant

  • Various interfaces can be realized


Measuring amplifier and signal conditioner with display

  • Measuring amplifier for AC - LVDT displacement sensors
  • Signal conditioner for strain gauge based force sensors and load cells
  • Signal conditioner - components for printed circuit board mounting
  • Signal conditioner with integrated display
  • Wireless modules for wireless signal transmission

Pressure switches and vacuum switches

  • Adjustable pressure switches
  • Pressure switch with fixed characteristic
  • Miniature pressure switch
  • SPDT - changeover contact - pressure switch
  • SPST - normally closed/ normally open - pressure switch

Gear- and Motor - Potentiometer

  • Position feedback
  • Manually controlled version with control knob
  • Any running times
  • For front panel mounting
  • For control cabinet mounting