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Oil-compatible LVDT displacement sensors for heavy-duty applications
26. June 2024

For use in heavy machinery in oily environments, Inelta Sensorsysteme from Taufkirchen near Munich offers LVDT displacement sensors with a bypass for oil and grease. These inductive displacement sensors, which are available with or without an integrated return spring, are oil-compatible in accordance with SAE90 MIL 2105B. The measuring path of the measuring tip, which is manufactured in a robust stainless-steel housing, can be adapted to the specific application. The units achieve protection class IP68 and can be used in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +80°C, depending on the version. The LVDT displacement sensors are characterized by their excellent repeatability. A 4..20mA output signal is used to output the measured values. The supply voltage is 24VDC. On request, Inelta also manufactures these LVDT sensors in customized versions with or without integrated amplifier, with different standard voltages or standard currents. As an alternative to the standard round housings, the sensor specialist also produces individual housing designs, for example in hexagonal format with the customer's preferred wrench widths. Such housings, which are screwed in or out via the head-side external thread and securely fixed in place with just a few turns of the wrench, are ideal for quickly replacing sensors in construction machinery, crane systems or other heavy-duty applications.

Datum: 27.06.2024

Zeichen: 1414

Inelta oil-compatible LVDT displacement sensors for heavy-duty applications, also available in customized housing shapes such as this SW32 hexagonal housing


Customized torque sensors for robotics applications
02. April 2024

Inelta Sensorsysteme offers a wide range of services, including the development and production of torque sensors with different calibrated nominal torques. With its development expertise and vertical range of manufacture, the sensor expert has specialized in the economical, quality-tested implementation of customer-specific solutions, even for small and medium batch sizes. On behalf of various well-known robotics manufacturers, Inelta manufactures compact static torque sensors according to customer specifications for precise torque measurement using strain gauges. The measuring sensors can be designed redundantly with two-channel, galvanically isolated signal transmission. Integrated interfaces allow the current torque to be queried directly. A resistor can be connected via an additional diagnostic channel using an optocoupler for targeted detuning of the bridge. The measuring sensitivity, relative deviations and reversal span result from the calibration requested by the customer. Static torque sensors are used to detect torques on measuring objects that are not moved when force is applied. This simplifies installation, as the sensor can be mechanically connected directly to the measurement object.

Datum: 03.04.2024

Zeichen: 1217

Customized static torque sensors from Inelta for precise torque measurement using strain gauges


New ring force sensors with galvanically isolated input
26. February 2024

Inelta Sensorsysteme has added new model variants to its portfolio of ring force sensors. The sensor type, which acts as a measuring washer, is used to detect axially acting forces on screws, shafts or axles and is used, for example, to determine or monitor preload forces on screw connections. The ring force sensors in the RKT60 series are now available for four nominal loads of 5, 10, 15 and 20 kN. The series is characterized by a compact deformation body made of stainless steel, a low overall height and mechanical overload protection. To protect against contact, dust and moisture, the manufacturer also offers the sensors in a molded version. Inelta also offers model variants with an integrated measuring amplifier. These units with strain gauge full bridge, stainless steel deformation body and extremely flat contact surface are particularly resistant to eccentric forces. Another innovation is the RKT120 series of ring force sensors with IP67 protection and a nominal force of 10 kN. The sensors, which are protected against dust and moisture by encapsulation, have a compact stainless steel deformation body, low overall height and integrated electronics with an electrically isolated safety function for testing the measuring bridge. This safety feature is particularly needed in event technology to ensure the safety of people and loads moving on stages. The new RKT120 series, designed for a temperature range of -15 °C to +75 °C, integrates a measuring amplifier with analog output and is also transverse force tolerant due to the convex force transmission. Inelta offers its ring force sensors with or without electronics and can adapt them to customer-specific requirements if necessary. The sensor specialist's range is rounded off by highly compact, digital display modules with OLED display for strain gauge force sensors with or without integrated measuring amplifier.

Datum: 27.02.2024

Zeichen: 1893

Inelta expands its portfolio of ring force sensors for different nominal loads to include units with galvanically isolated inputs for safety-critical applications


Ball bearing force transducers for nominal loads up to 200kN
29. January 2024

The comprehensive product portfolio of Inelta Sensorsysteme includes bearing force transducers specified for rolling bearings with different nominal loads. The strain gauge force sensors are used to measure the load on rolling bearings by measuring the radial forces acting on the bearing technology. With the LK series, the sensor specialist offers compact measuring units for measuring radial forces in ball bearings. The measuring body of the series, which is available for measuring ranges up to 200kN, is a bending beam that is attached via a central threaded hole. There are two grooves in the bearing holder for guiding the snap ring. An index hole ensures exact positioning and measurement of the relevant direction of force. The bearing force sensors, which are manufactured with IP54 protection as standard and designed for a compensated temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, have deformation bodies made of stainless steel and a housing made of anodized aluminium. A low hysteresis of less than ±0.2 % and minimal temperature influence on the characteristic value and zero signal ensure high measuring accuracy. As a specialist for customer-specific solutions, even for small and medium batch sizes, Inelta also manufactures customized versions with adapted design and metrological specifications on request, in addition to standard versions. Inelta also offers an accredited calibration service for force sensors via its sister company Vypro Sensors (www.vypro.de).

Datum: 30.01.2024

Zeichen: 1473

Ball bearing force transducers from Inelta for precise measurement of radial forces up to 200kN


Accredited calibration service for force sensors
04. September 2023

For a permanently high measurement reliability and precision of force sensors, their regular control and calibration within defined intervals are required. For this purpose, Inelta Sensorsysteme offers an accredited calibration service for force sensors through its subsidiary Vypro spol s.r.o. The Vypro calibration laboratory is accredited according to European standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 by the Slovak accreditation body SNAS for the mechanical measurand force. The calibration service includes both products of own manufacture and third-party products in the measurement range from 0.1kN to 200kN. Tensile and compressive force sensors, ring force sensors, but also bending and shear bars, tension measuring clips and special force sensors are tested. After checking the calibration capability of the test specimen, it is compared to a standard using an EN ISO 376 conform PP force gauge to correct deviations from the standard. An internationally recognized certificate or factory calibration certificate is issued by Vypro as proof of calibration. Traceability of the sensor calibration is ensured via the serial number. Furthermore, Vypro performs application-specific calibrations and offers a repair service for DUTs as well as an express service upon request. Detailed information and contact details for the calibration service are available on the company website at: https://www.vypro.de/en/expertise/calibration-service/

Datum: 05.09.2023

Zeichen: 1436

Inelta subsidiary Vypro offers an ISO/IEC accredited calibration service for force sensors of various types


Sensor specialist with great LVDT expertise
03. July 2023

Due to many years of experience, own coil and LVDT production, Inelta Sensorsysteme is considered a proven specialist in the development and production of these inductive precision sensors. Due to their non-contact measuring principle, the hysteresis-free LVDTs achieve a virtually unlimited resolution, which depends only on the quality of the signal amplification. With their high measurement precision, repeatability, and principle-based freedom from wear, they are therefore ideal for applications requiring maximum reliability and long service life. Inelta's wide range of LVDTs includes the LVDT-ISDP and LVDT-ISAP series with pneumatic push rod for measuring travels from 5 mm to 50 mm. The inductive sensors, which are available both with and without an integrated measuring amplifier in three device sizes, enable exact position determination of, for example, plate materials with a measuring accuracy of up to =0.1 mm. For long-term monitoring of bridge statics, Inelta's product range includes the LVDT-ISAG-300-k model, a weatherproof sensor that reliably detects even the smallest displacements at critical load points. The LVDT-IOAG series is tailored to particularly demanding environmental and operating conditions. The structure, welded housing and cable design reliably protect the LVDT from penetrating seawater or brackish water. This predestines this sensor version with 100 mm measuring travel for use, for example, in bridge surveying, heavy machinery, road and rail construction or railroad and power plant technology. In addition, Inelta assembles LVDTs for heavy machinery on request in robust hexagonal housings for customer-preferred wrench sizes to simplify sensor replacement under harsh conditions. Supplementary, the manufacturer can modify the LVDT designs to suit specific applications, for example with a sensing function, as a displacement transducer with a continuous push rod or with oil compensation holes. Inelta also offers suitable solutions for inductive displacement measurement in miniature format, such as the IKDT displacement sensor in a stainless-steel housing. With a diameter of only 8 mm and sensing lengths of 2, 5, 10 and 20 mm, the miniature sensor with integrated measuring amplifier requires only minimal installation space and measures extremely precisely with a linearity deviation of only ±0.3 %.

Datum: 04.07.2023

Zeichen: 2357

Inelta combines a high level of LVDT expertise with a wide range of products for a wide variety of applications, which can also be modified to meet specific customer requirements


Force sensors for static and dynamic measurements
06. June 2023

Inelta Sensorsysteme has a comprehensive product range of force sensors for precise dynamic and static measurements in all industrial areas of mechanical engineering, automation technology, laboratory, and medical technology as well as for special applications. The range of force sensors based on foil strain gauges (DMS) includes the KMM65 series designed for measuring ranges from 1 kN to 500 kN. Designed for pressure and tension measurement in industrial presses, testing or weighing systems, the robust transducers in nickel-plated steel housings - or optional stainless steel versions - achieve protection class IP65. With the KMM30 and KMM62 models, the sensor specialist stocks compact sensors for absorbing small forces of 0.1 kN to 2 kN in tension and compression, which are easy to mount thanks to regular standard threads. In addition, Inelta offers ring force transducers for measuring axial forces on screws, shafts or axles. Typical applications include the determination of preload forces on bolted connections. The ring force transducers of the RKT60 series, manufactured in protection class IP 67, are designed for nominal forces from 5 kN to 20 kN. They integrate overload protection and a measuring amplifier with 4..20 mA analog output and are protected against vibration, dust and moisture by potting. For tactile force measurements in medical devices and robot arms or for load testing of small components, Inelta has developed the FS12 miniature force transducer for compression and tension forces up to 100 N, 200 N and 500 N, respectively. Weighing only 20 g, this bending beam force sensor is the smallest force sensor in the product range. The company, which has its own development and production facilities at its headquarters in Taufkirchen, also manufactures customer-specific modified sensor technology or complete special solutions on request. In addition, Inelta offers an accredited calibration service for force sensors through its sister company Vypro Sensors (www.vypro.de).

Datum: 07.06.2023

Zeichen: 2014

Sensor specialist Inelta has an extensive range of force sensors for a wide variety of measuring and application areas


LVDT displacement sensors with pneumatic push rod
13. March 2023

With the LVDT-ISDP and LVDT-ISAP series, Inelta Sensorsysteme offers special displacement sensors with pneumatic push rods for measuring ranges from 5mm to 50mm. The inductive sensors, which are available both with and without integrated measuring amplifiers in three device sizes, enable the exact determination of the position of, for example, sheet materials with a hysteresis-free measuring accuracy of up to ≤0.1mm. To prevent mechanical interference with the sensor technology, the push rod remains pneumatically retracted until the measuring process. For position detection, the measuring tip is extended by means of spring force and then pneumatically returned. The slim displacement sensors, manufactured to IP65 in a nickel-plated steel housing, are approved for use in temperature ranges from -35°C to +120°C and are shock and vibration protected in accordance with DIN IEC 68T2. Optionally, Inelta also supplies the units in IP67 or IP68 protection, with customized cable lengths, plug connection as well as in versions with a linearity tolerance below 0.25% or for an extended temperature range. On request, the sensors are also available with individual calibration. In addition to mounting blocks, clamping flanges, probe tips and pneumatic connections, various measuring amplifiers for DIN rail and PCB mounting as well as with cable connection are available as accessories.

Datum: 14.03.2023

Zeichen: 1390

Inductive displacement sensors with pneumatically retracted push rod for precise positioning of sheet materials


Highly compact OLED display module for force sensors
14. February 2023

Inelta Sensorsysteme has introduced the IMK-2442-OLED cable electronics as a new digital display unit for strain gauge force sensors with integrated measuring amplifier. With dimensions of only 60x35x22mm, the particularly compact display module with OLED display can be easily integrated into the signal transmission via sensor cable using a plug and socket in M12 format. The display unit, which is compatible with all sensors with a current output of 4...20mA, optionally indicates the output values of force sensors in newtons or milliamps, but can also display the movement in millimeters e.g. for LVDT sensors. The display updates the display values at 100ms intervals. This makes the module suitable for all applications where measured values in newtons, mA or mm are required near the sensor without applying the display directly to the sensor. Due to the robust housing made of anodized aluminum and the electronics protected by potting compound, the display unit, which is manufactured in protection class IP64, can permanently withstand even demanding operating conditions in a temperature range from -10°C to +60°C. To complete the range, Inelta has announced the market launch of a further device variant with voltage output 0...10V. In addition, the manufacturer already offers the IMK-DMS-OLED model, a highly compact solution for strain gauge-based force sensors without their own measuring amplifier. This series is equipped with the complete amplifier electronics for a force sensor with strain gauge bridge circuit and displays the force applied to the force sensor in Newton as well as the measuring range and the calibration date.

Datum: 15.02.2023

Zeichen: 1651

Highly compact cable electronics with OLED display for sensors with integrated measuring amplifier


Customer-specific Inelta valve sensors in serial quantities
06. April 2022

Inelta Sensorsysteme, leading sensor manufacturer for measuring distances, movement and force, has developed valve sensors and position switches based on its LVDT technology and featuring high precision and a rugged design for hydraulic applications. Inelta LVDT-HY series sensors, for example, with a measuring range between ± 1.2 mm and ±10 mm, provide accuracies in the µm range in detecting valve positions. As a market innovation, Inelta has introduced LVDT-based valve sensors, designated IHDL-M16, where the sensor module can be exchanged without interrupting or opening the hydraulic circuit. Drawing on many years of know-how in research and development and high production capacities, the sensor specialist is capable of producing custom-designed valve sensors for demanding applications in high quantities. Like the standard product line, custom-designed valve sensors are supplied as incapsulated, turnkey systems, consisting of an LVDT sensor, a pressure tube and a connecting shaft. The systems are available for measuring ranges between 1.2 mm and 36 mm, as versions for installation as an add-on or as integrated sensors. All hydraulic components can withstand 400 bar pressure with max. pressure peaks up to 1,200 bar. Outputs are customer-specified, analog 4…20mA or 0…10V or with digital interfaces such as IO-Link. Upon request, Inelta will design sensors for other applications, such as pumps and dosage systems. For applications with high vibration and shock, Inelta has developed a sensor capable of handling 30g. The standard protection class for all units is IP65 (IP67 to IP69 optional), and they can be used in ambient temperatures from -25 °C to +100 °C. Higher protection classes and an extended temperature range of -45 °C to +125 °C are available on special request.

Datum: 07.04.2022

Zeichen: 1797

Inelta supplies custom-designed valve sensors in serial quantities